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Ressha Sentai ToQger is the 38th Super Sentai team and is  first super sentai since KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGo V To future Regular White Boots and gloves when adapted it will be the first since Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue  to have it. They are currently playable in "Super Sentai Dice-O EX". They had their own promo with Turboranger. Soon ToQ 6Gou will be a card and become playable. When adapted for Power Rangers, it will actually have an official Orange ranger. They also can now do transfer changes, to switch colors of their suits.



The ToQgers

ToQger Hyper ToQ 1gou

Hyper ToQ 1gou

ToQger ToQ 6gou

ToQ 6gou

Steam Locomotive ToQ 1Gou (Hyper ToQ 1Gou)
Bullet Train ToQ 2Gou
Subway Train ToQ 3Gou
Bullet Train ToQ 4Gou
Subway Train ToQ 5Gou
Construction Trains ToQ 6Gou


Giant RobotsEdit

ToQger ToQ-Oh


ToQger Cho ToQ-Oh

Cho ToQ-Oh

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