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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is the thirty-fifth Super Sentai team. They have recieved all the powers from the previous 34 Sentai teams (Goranger-Goseiger). They had keys to transform into any past Sentai Ranger. Gender-bender suits were included for the counterparts of theose who were male or female.



The Gokaigers

Gokaiger Gold Mode

Gold Mode

Red Gokai Red (Gokai Red Gold Mode)
Blue Gokai Blue (Gokai Blue Gold Mode)
Yellow Gokai Yellow (Gokai Yellow Gold Mode)
Green Gokai Green (Gokai Green Gold Mode)
Pink Gokai Pink (Gokai Pink Gold Mode)
Silver Gokai Silver (Gokai Silver Gold Mode)


Gokaiger AkaRed


V35 AkaRed

All Gokaiger RobosEdit

Machalcon, Go-On GokaiOh, Kanzen GokaiOh

Machalcon, Go-On GokaiOh, Kanzen GokaiOh.

Goujyu-GokaiOh, Goujyujin, Goujyu Rex

Goujyu-GokaiOh, Goujyujin, Goujyu Rex.

GokaiOh, Magi GokaiOh, Magi Dragon, Gao GokaiOh

GokaiOh, Magi GokaiOh, Magi Dragon, Gao GokaiOh.

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