The Beast Batteries (獣電池 Jūdenchi?) are special battery-like devices powered by an energy source known as Brave (ブレイブ Bureibu?) which hold the Kyoryu Spirit (キョウリュウスピリット Kyōryū Supiritto?) of the Zyudenryu which can be used to access special abilities or weapons as well as power up the Zyudenryu to their Battle Modes so they can fight and combine with other Zyudenryu. Whenever the Kyoryugers' arsenal or a Zyudenryu "bites" a Zyudenchi, it produces a sound saying "Gaburincho!" (ガブリンチョ!?). When the Zyudenchi are not in use, they are kept in the Charge Box (チャージボックス Chāji Bokkusu?) in the Spirit Base to recharge the Zyudenchi's Brave. The Zyudenchi from 1 to 10 hold the Kyoryu Spirit of the Ten Great Zyudenryu (十大獣電竜 Jūdai Jūdenryū?), which sealed the Deboth Army, and the Zyudenchi from 11 to 23 hold the Kyoryu Spirit of the Guardians.

The Beast Batteries can be used by the Kyoryugers in Dice-O.


  1. Gabutyra (ガブティラ Gabutira?)
  2. Parasagun (パラサガン Parasagan?)
  3. Stegotchi (ステゴッチ Sutegotchi?)
  4. Zakutor (ザクトル Zakutoru?)
  5. Dricera (ドリケラ Dorikera?)
  6. Pteragordon (プテラゴードン Puteragōdon?)
  7. Ankydon (アンキドン Ankidon?)
  8. Bunpachy (ブンパッキー Bunpakkī?)
  9. Plezuon (プレズオン Purezuon?)
  10. Bragigas (ブラギガス Buragigasu?)
  11. Deinochaser (ディノチェイサー Dinocheisā?)
  12. Deinosgrander (ディノスグランダー Dinosugurandā?)
  13. Kentrospiker (ケントロスパイカー Kentorosupaikā?)
  14. Stymero (スティメロ Sutimero?)
  15. Allomerus (アロメラス Aromerasu?)
  16. Beyonsmo (ビヨンスモ Biyonsumo?)
  17. Ovirappoo (オビラップー Obirappū?)
  18. Igeranodon (イゲラノドン?)
  19. Tuperanda (トペランダ Toperanda?)
  20. Gurumonite (グルモナイト Gurumonaito?)
  21. Archenolon (アーケノロン Ākenoron?)
  22. Pukuptor (プクプトル Pukuputoru?)
  23. Futabain (フタバイン?)

Other ZyudenchiEdit

  • (00) Tobaspino (トバスピノ Tobasupino?)
  • (1+) Carnival (カーニバル Kānibaru?)
  • (V) Victory (ビクトリー Bukutorī?)
  • (X) Maximum (マキシマム Makishimamu?)

Legend Sentai Beast BatteriesEdit

The Legend Sentai Beast Batteries are a special line of Beast Batteries that contain the likeness of the Sentai heroes before Kyoryuger (mostly Red). They are exclusive to the toyline and can also be used in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O, it is unknown if they will appear on-screen in a future crossover. These Legend Batteries are in the same fashion as the "Legend Rider" lines of Collectible Devices in the Kamen Rider Series, which can be used in their equivalent of Dice-O, Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride.

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